With "Kliker" to interesting and educational content

Thanks to the "Kliker" platform, young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina now have an online address where they can watch and attend various courses. The platform is an innovative project of the company "GotSolution" from Banja Luka and its implementation is supported by grant funds from the Challenge Fund.

"The idea of the project is that young people can access interesting and educational content from anywhere and that they can coordinate it with other activities, as it suits them best. The big problem is that children from smaller municipalities do not have access to some knowledge like people from larger cities, and the „Kliker“ platform solves that in a simple way", they said in this company.

The value of the project is about BAM 100,000. The company has invested 60% from its own funds, and 40% are grants from the C2C fund.

"The first great value of this project for us is that we entered the production of video content for the first time, in some waters unknown to us and we learned a lot in the process. Also, we tried to produce our own eLearning product for the first time and we can use that knowledge on future projects. Thanks to the project, we hired two new people in permanent positions, and through various other forms of cooperation, many other people had financial and other types of benefits (knowledge, know-how, etc.)," they point out in "GotSolution".

They add that the support of the Challenge Fund is an additional wind in the back, because a certain number of entrepreneurs have a dilemma about starting their own project, primarily due to excessive risk and responsibility.

"The program is an incredibly good thing for BiH because there is nothing more necessary for the economy than to awaken entrepreneurial awareness even more," the company said.

GotSolution d.o.o. primarily deals with the development of software for foreign markets (USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and the like). These are mostly software for global startups, specifically in the form of mobile or web applications. The company currently employs over 80 people and has offices in Banja Luka and Novi Sad. Last year, the auditing company Deloitte named them one of the rising stars in the IT sector for Central Europe.