Waste has become an energy source

One more innovative project of B&H companies was supported by the Challenge Fund. This is the project "Starting a line for recycling waste oils into liquid fuels for the technological process of distillation" of the company "MABOG GUMANOVIĆ" Ltd from Grude. With the support of the C2C fund, it procured the necessary equipment for the technological process of distillation.

"By realizing this project, our company provides cheaper and more environmentally friendly energy, which is very important for the ecological character of our production. All mentioned enable us to additionally fulfill the capacities and create a precondition for the development of new ideas ", they explain in this company from Herzegovina.

The total value of the project is BAM 102.681. The C2C fund provided BAM 47.917 in grants, and the company's own share is BAM 54.763.

"The support of the C2C fund for our company is of crucial importance because without that support we would not be able to realize this project," they point out in "MABOG GUMANOVIĆ".
By the way, this company has been operating since 2002. It produces day-old poultry, fruits that it processes into natural juices, grows herbs and produces essential oils, collects and processes organic oils and fats, it designs and produces process equipment. This year, it exported essential oils to France. It currently employs 4 workers.

"We definitely plan to hire new workers. We are very satisfied with the realization of this project, which is not only important for our company but also for the wider community. First of all, it is an ecological contribution because of disposing of waste oils and fats from local restaurants
On the other hand, we have created new value because waste has become a raw material ", they conclude in this company.