The online platform connected domestic producers and buyers of pellets

Thanks to the support of the Challenge Fund, the Banja Luka company "DVC solutions" has created an online platform whose ultimate goal is to more efficiently connect certified pellet producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina with domestic customers. The total value of this project is 48,000 euros, of which the C2C fund grant is 20,000 euros.

The platform was presented to domestic pellet producers at a conference held in Banja Luka on November 6, 2020. It is the most important part of the project and in addition to enabling online pellet trading, it is also one of the tools to regulate the domestic market to reduce seasonal fluctuations in supply and demand. Producers can now offer customers more favorable prices of standardized quality pellets out of season.

"The platform only supports domestic pellet producers of a certain quality. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible producers, more than 50% of the pellets currently offered on the domestic market are of poor quality. In this way, we want to protect customers, but also improve the quality of pellet production, "said the conference organizers.

The goal of the platform is also to educate consumers on how to recognize good quality pellets, and what problems the use of bad pellets creates. Also, a list of all certified producers in BiH is available on the platform, and there is a possibility to appeal the quality of pellets in order to enable the promotion of only the highest quality ones on the platform.

The conference also discussed the situation on the pellet market in our country and in the European Union, as well as proposals for the regulation of the domestic pellet market, where many products are of poor quality. Martin English from the Vienna Institute of Bioenergy spoke about the situation on the EU pellet market via a video link.

The participants of the conference agree that the platform is a good marketing tool for pellet producers in BiH, which enables two-way communication with consumers. It was concluded that there is a need to unite producers in order to more easily articulate the requirements towards institutions, all with the aim of further improving the production of pellets. Also, it was said that we should work more actively on the off-season placement of pellets because the analyzes showed that domestic consumption is growing rapidly, and exports are decreasing.

"We are very grateful to the Challenge to Change project, without whose support we would certainly not have started the realization of this project. The idea of the online stock exchange originated before the coronary virus pandemic and now it has been shown how important it is to have the possibility of online trading in the best quality pellets ", they say in DVC Solutions.

Within five public calls through Challenge to change project, 2574 applications were received, and so far 175 contracts have been signed with the grant beneficiaries of the Challenge Fund from the entire territory of BiH. About 4 million EUR is planned for the implementation of approved projects.