The mobile lab has improved the service

Thanks to the support of the Challenge Fund, the company "RADIS" Ltd. from East Sarajevo acquired a mobile laboratory for the control of construction materials, which significantly improved their service.

"Through the implementation of this project, the company has established a completely new and unique set of services in the local and wider regional market which can fully meet the growing market demands in the region known as the "big construction site". With the establishment of a mobile laboratory for the analysis of concrete, asphalt and soil, the possibility of taking samples on-site and shortening the waiting time for analysis was created, which significantly facilitated business entities. On the other hand, we contribute to a healthier environment and increased energy efficiency of facilities, and space is open for new investments and new employments", they say in the company "RADIS".

The total value of the project is 164,094.14 BAM, of which the Challenge Fund grant was 57,305.82 BAM, and the remaining 106,788.32 BAM was the company's funds. In addition to the procurement of a mobile laboratory, the project also included the education of workers as well as the production of promotional materials.

"The support of the C2C fund came to us at the right time when our workload grew and there was a real need to start a laboratory. The financial resources of the fund were crucial for the realization of our idea. Also, just participating in the project is a new experience for us and has opened some new directions in which our company will develop. By opening the laboratory, we have expanded the set and quality of our services, and ranked the company one step higher in the construction sector of this part of BiH", they are pleased to point out in this company which has been a worthy competitor in the construction industry market for three and a half decades.

Many years of experience, human resources, modern equipment and technical means, enable this company to offer customers quality professional services. They currently have about 130 employees, of which about 30 are women. The plan is to expand the business to the countries of the region, but also beyond.