Support for innovative rehabilitation systems

Axelyos d.o.o. Banja Luka applied for a grant from the Challenge Fund with the project "System for motor rehabilitation of the upper extremities". The goal of the project was to develop a system for motor rehabilitation of the upper extremities that provides fun rehabilitation and gives better rehabilitation results, as well as the development of an administrative panel to guide and monitor the progress of patients.

The project developed a multi-touch system, which combines existing multi-touch technologies with a range of new applications focused on rehabilitation and a software solution for monitoring and measuring patients during rehabilitation.

The total budget of the project is 47,880 EUR, of which 23,880 EUR are grant funds from the Challenge Fund, and 24,000 EUR are the company's own participation.

"According to our information, this is the first system of similar purposes developed on the BiH market that combines multi-touch technologies with a number of new applications aimed at rehabilitation, with a software solution for monitoring and measuring patients during rehabilitation," the company said.

In addition to hiring new workers, in the company points out that the support of the C2C fund has helped them decide to invest in innovative solutions that are beneficial to both the economy and end customers.

Axelyos d.o.o. Banja Luka was formed in 2013 as a software startup within the Innovation Center Banja Luka with one employee.

"Our system for managing the business of transport companies and dispatching via mobile devices was one of the pioneering systems used in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Over time, we have achieved significant sales growth, expanded our business in Norway, Sweden, the United States, increased the number of employees to over 10 and created products in many other industries. We have created, among other things, software solutions for accounting and auditing, hedge investment funds, aviation and navigation, video editing, smart watches and IoT hardware components, sales, digital marketing, advertising, warehouse management and production.

We are a cloud provider of solutions on Amazon, Azure and Google cloud. The number of employees in the last five years varies from 10 to 25, including subcontractors, depending on the requirements of clients and projects. We are primarily export-oriented and we work almost exclusively with companies outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina", they explain in this successful company.