Started production of a new electronic meter

The Challenge Fund supported with a grant the launch of the production of a new electronic meter for electricity consumption management of the Banja Luka company "Mikroelektronika (Microelectronics)" The total value of the project, which co-financed the production and procurement of tools for injection molding of plastic positions for new generation of single-phase meter housings, was EUR 80.454,94, of which own investment was EUR 50.454,94 (62,71%), while the rest of EUR 30.000. (37,29%) was funded by the C2C fund.

„Due to the technical and functional improvement of products, "Microelectronics" is becoming significantly more competitive in international tenders and new markets, in which it plans to sell its products and solutions for electricity consumption management. The new generation of products enables additional flexibility and adaptability to specific technical and functional requirements of overall users, electricity distribution companies in domestic and foreign markets. This is its the most significant competitive advantage“, says Goran Praštalo, director of the Company's administrative sector.
By realizing this project and increasing the volume of business, "Microelectronics" has hired 15 new employees. At the same time, the volume of business of domestic companies has increased, because they produce the necessary tools. "Microelectronics" provides a long-term cooperation with  domestic companies that deal with plastic injection.
"By placing its own systems for managing electricity consumption, "Microelectronics" directly helps electricity distribution companies to more efficiently manage electricity consumption, and to reduce losses, which directly increases energy efficiency in the segment of electricity distribution," Prastalo says.
It is grateful to the Challenge to Change project for supporting innovative export-oriented manufacturing companies because such companies represent the most important part of every country's economy.
"Microelectronics" JSC Banja Luka was founded in 1975 as part of the company "Rudi Cajavec", a giant of the electronic industry in the ex YU. Since 2001 it has been operating as an independent joint stock company.

The main activity is the development and production of electronic meters for measuring electricity consumption, as well as systems for managing electricity consumption with all types of remote communication.
Other production program is the development and production of fiscal systems. It produces all their products and solutions in accordance with the highest world standards. It is an export-oriented company that generates 50% of its revenues from exports. It is currently operating in the markets of BiH, Serbia and Slovakia. Its strategic plan is to enter the markets of the EU, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.

It currently employs 75 permanent employees in the main company in Banja Luka, while the subsidiary company Sitel Ltd. employs 14 additional workers in Belgrade and Novi Sad.