Small entrepreneurs can be innovative as well

The Challenge Fund also supported the traditional trade "4E & S1" of the Hadzijusufovic family from Gornji Vakuf, through its grants. They needed equipment to produce rose syrup in an innovative way to preserve the traditional production of this syrup. The total value of the project was EUR 19.000, of which the C2C fund's contribution was 50%, and 50% was its own participation.

The realization of this project strengthened the business, strengthened capacities, technologically improved production, thanks to which it was possible to increase the range of products and enter new markets.

"Thanks to the project, one job was provided for the owner of the business, but also the self-sustainability of the business, which generates income for a family that educates three students. At the same time, the project strengthens the economic position of women who are employed during the season, "said the owner of the entrepreneurship, Emir Hadzijusufovic.

He adds that the importance of funds such as C2C is huge because they enable easier procurement of equipment for small and medium enterprises, which strengthens their competitiveness, retains existing jobs and creates new ones.

This is especially important for small family businesses such as theirs.

"Initially, we produced the rose syrup for our own needs, but in time we decided to establish a family business. We produce rose juice, rose water and liqueur, and we grow the raw material on our rose plantation. Our products can be bought in BiH, but they also reach customers in Croatia, Germany, Austria and other EU countries," said Hadzijusufovic.