Shortened and reduced the cost of the production process

Many years of experience in agricultural production of agricultural engineers and technicians from Čapljina are united in the cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants through the agricultural cooperative "Loznica". The cooperative was founded in 2015 in Gnjilišta and since then it has been growing seedlings and medicinal and aromatic herbs, as well as processing it in its own modern distillery. The cooperative owns a nursery and its own plantations.

"So far, we have produced over 6 million seedlings of medicinal, ornamental and aromatic plants in our nursery and processed over 200 tons of medicinal and aromatic plants in the distillery. Part of the production went to export to the markets of all neighboring countries, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, as well as to the market of Canada, "they say in" Loznica ".

With the expansion of processing capacities, the need for greater production of fresh and dry mass of medicinal and aromatic plants grew, so the whole process involved 15 subcontractors who grow plants on their plantations.

"Thanks to the support of the C2C fund, we were able to procure a seeder that shortened and reduced the cost of the production process of certain plants. Together with our subcontractors during 2017, we relied more on plantation cultivation and overcoming obstacles in cultivation and processing.

In addition to the purchase of the seeder, thanks to the project we managed to produce 300,000 new seedlings for our subcontractors and provide technical support in production, "said the cooperative.

The total value of the project is € 19,900, of which € 8,800 was provided by the C2C fund through a grant, and the remaining € 11,100 was the participation of the cooperative.

They point out that they are especially proud of the fact that through this project they encouraged 15 subcontractors to raise new plantations on a total area of 10 ha.