Secure placement - motivation to stay in the countryside

One hundred milking machines for subcontractors of the agricultural cooperative "Zlatna kap" from Jelah were procured with the support of the Challenge Fund, which improved the quality of raw milk, enabled the production of a new type of cheese and strengthened the life of women in the countryside.

"Apart from milking parlors, thanks to the project, we also procured a lactofreeze, a mixer trailer for animal feed, and a veterinary technician was hired as a clerk for the purchase of milk. The total value of the project is 117,050.50 BAM, of which the own participation is 59,970.45 BAM, and the grant funds amount to 57,045.05 BAM", they say in the cooperative.

This has greatly facilitated the work of women who are mainly engaged in this business, improved the quality of milk, as well as the purchase price, which has also increased their income.

"The project that we realized with the support of the C2C fund is important because it prevents people from leaving the village. Facilitated production and safe placement of products are a good motive for staying in the countryside", they point out in the cooperative that was formed in 2007 as a family cooperative.

"At that time, the problem was the irregular payment for raw milk. We had a small farm and after founding the cooperative we immediately started producing cheese, cream and other dairy products. Today we have a modernly equipped cheese factory in which we produce 18 types of cheese with various spices and herbs that we sell on the domestic market. With the increase in the capacity for the purchase and processing of milk, the number of subcontractors we have today has also increased to 148, and revenues also increased drastically. The cooperative currently has 4 full-time employees, all persons under the age of 40", the cooperative proudly points out.