Innovative technology to a new product

The specialized agricultural cooperative "AgroDar" was founded in 2012 in Cazin. Its main office is in Bihac. On its own 140 hectares it produces cereals. The cucumbers and chestnut are produced in cooperation. The cooperative also deals with the purchase of forest fruits.

It sent application on a public call for tenders under the C2C Fund with the project of purchasing a specific generator to produce steam used in the chestnut processing process. When the chestnut is cleaned with the help of this technology, a unique product is created. At the same time, the chestnut bark and bio-corn from its own production are used as fuel for the steam generator. The total value of the project is 68.100 EUR, of which the participation of the C2C Fund is 30.000 EUR.

"This project will contribute to the development of the cooperative on the way that it will increase the production of the final or semi-final products as well as the value of the product. Also, the project has multiple social benefits. Most of the new seasonal employees are women who work on the chestnut screening and cleaning line, and indirectly provide employment for a large number of young people and women who collect chestnuts. Technology uses bio-energy mass, and by harvesting chestnuts, it clears the forest, enables the growth of young plants and prevents the spread of disease in chestnut trees, "AgroDar explained.

Operating as a good host on its land, this cooperative was quickly recognized as a carrier of agricultural development in this region, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"In a very short time we have shown that with the profession, knowledge and perseverance you can achieve top results. We employ young and professional staff, so there are 5 agricultural engineers and technologists in the cooperative. We currently have about 700 subcontractors and export 90% of our production, mostly to the markets of Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Turkey. We have equipment for deep freezing and quick cooling as well as a product maintenance chamber. We also have our own machinery - 5 tractors, combine harvesters, sowing machines and connecting devices. We strive to motivate people to grow wheat and corn because the land is of high quality. The construction of silos and dryers is planned, and we see our further development in the processing and export of final products," the cooperative says.