Grant Supported Development of ‘Bilje i ljekobilje company

‘Bilje i ljekobilje’ company is based in Bjelosavljevic village, near Sokolac. It is the first registered company in this and several neighboring municipalities what collects, purchases, prepares and keeps medicinal and aromatic wild plants, forest fruits and mushrooms - from early spring to late autumn. About 90% of the purchased raw spruce and fresh primrose have been exported to EU countries. The company also purchases other plants such as elder, mushroom, spruceberries, forest fruits, rosa canina, cornelian cherry, blueberries, cranberries and sloe.

The owner of the company, Mladen Orasanin, says that the company significantly processes all these raw materials, thanks to modern equipment, in which lately has invested around 300,000 KM. Money was primarily spent on equipment for a cold store and distillery with which they now produce essential oils from firs, pines and spruce needles.

With the support of the grant from the Challenge Fund, this company has purchased a machine for drying herbs, mushrooms and other forest fruits. On that way, they closed the thermal production circle. It is pure organic production without industrial pollutants, chemistry and plantation cultivation. The company also expects to receive a certificate for organic production so it can easily sell their products in the EU market. The value of the project is about 30,000 KM, of which the participation of the C2C Fund is 30%. With the implementation of this project, the company was able to hire two workers. Many residents from this region benefit from the work of the company.

“Herbs harvesting is a tradition on Romanija mountain, and it can make good profits so many people decide to do it. We currently offer semi-processed herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits to the market, as well as essential oils of wild forest plants. We have our own production facility of modest capacity with a tendency to increase production as needed. We have a specialized facility for cleaning, drying and packaging forest fruits, mushrooms, herbs and herbs. It was built two years ago. In addition to the warehouse, we also have a smaller cold storage facility, equipment needed for drying herbs, medicinal plants and forest fruits and a distiller for the production of essential oils," says Orasanin.