"European cream" arrives from Travnik

With the support of the Challenge Fund, the company "Poljorad" Ltd. from Turbe near Travnik city has significantly improved the efficiency of the production of cream, their most important product.

"Thanks to the grant, we bought a new automated cream filling machine, as well as parts for the existing ultrafiltration machine. We have accelerated and improved packaging and thus solved the problem of a return due to damage to the packaging, we have relieved workers and increased production efficiency. By purchasing a membrane for ultrafiltration on the existing machine, the production of white soft cheese was accelerated, which additionally affected the usability of the raw material", they point out with satisfaction in this company.

The value of the project is 124,674.05 BAM, the company's funds are 66,075.74 BAM or 53%, and the rest was co-financed by the C2C fund with grants.

Through this project, three new workers were employed and the number of milk production subcontractors increased by 2.26%.

"The support of the C2C fund is very important for companies and entrepreneurs in BiH, especially in the time of the corona crisis, when the collection of receivables is difficult, uncertain demand and sales, and as a consequence loan repayment with commercial banks. In order to win the battle on the market, producers must be ready to constantly invest in technology", they point out in "Poljorad".
The company currently has 56 employees, has significant exports to Austria, Sweden, Germany and America, and their products are present in Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Netherlands and Belgium. Despite the corona crisis, they ended last year with a sales growth of 3.57%.

In addition to milk processing and production of dairy products, which is their main activity, they are also engaged in the production of sauerkraut, purchase and sale of honey, flour, jam, juices and similar products purchased from more than 3,000 local and regional farmers.