Environmental protection increases profits

With the support of the C2C fund PD "Natura" from Eastern New Sarajevo became the first farm chicken in East Sarajevo area that has been treating waste in an adequate and ecological way.

The production of eggs started in 2002 and to date, a huge amount of manure has been collected. It started to endanger not only the environment, but also the business of the company itself. Treatment of manure in an appropriate manner required a greater investment than the one that the company could independently realize, so the support of the C2C fund is more than welcome. Not only did the basic production of eggs continue without difficulty, but also the production of pellets was started.

"Thanks to the grant, we have acquired the pelletizing equipment of the manure that we have installed in a purpose-built object. During the implementation of the project, we employed three people, and the first quantities of pellets produced were distributed to socially vulnerable families. We have shown that we are a socially responsible company that recognizes the needs of the community where it operates. The total value of the project amounted to 87.464,72 KM, and the share of the C2C fund is 39.116,60 KM, "say in" Natura".

They are satisfied that there is no danger of environmental pollution, and there will be no spread of unpleasant smells that were a problem for the surrounding population and restaurants nearby.

"It should be noted that the Challenge Fund is one of the few that recognizes small business entities with the power, the will and the desire to work and make progress. This project was an incentive for the continuation of investments and we opened a new stage in business. We have become a serious business entity recognizable on the market. Also, it was a pleasure to work with a professional team of the C2C project, "they say in Natura.

This company started egg production as a family micro business in 2002 with a capacity of 200 hens. The equipment and the premises were unusual and improvised. The volume of operations expanded in time and at the beginning of 2012 they registered a business. The current capacity of the farm is 8.000 chickens and another 2.000 hens that grow. The planned revenue for this year is about 200.000 KM.

Profit is invested in capacity expansion and modernization of equipment, and in the coming period, the start of pellet exports is expected.