By recycling to a new product

With the realization of the project supported by the C2C fund, the company "Omorika-reciklaža" d.o.o. it can now process larger quantities of recycled waste. This significantly affects the reduction of pollution, ie the reduction of the amount of P.E.T. and plastic waste, and at the same time a new value is created, i.e. a new product.

Thanks to this investment with a total value of EUR 200,000 and an approved grant from the C2C fund of a maximum of EUR 30,000 the company expanded its production program, increased production, reduced costs, increased profits and hired two new workers, and indirectly through value chains another 40 workers.

"By realizing this project, we have influenced the reduction of environmental pollution with plastic waste, the creation of landfills and land degradation, but also the development of people's awareness that waste is not garbage and that we can use it again. Another important effect is that we buy waste from individuals from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, which gives them the opportunity for additional income, and that is especially important for the poor, "they say in this company.

An innovative way of production, with the purchase of modern equipment, enabled the production of foil for the production of P.E.T. and plastic packaging for food packaging. The new products are made up of a combination of recycled and non-recycled material to meet food packaging standards.

"The uniqueness of new products is reflected in the production process. The foil used to make food packaging is mainly made from non-recycled material. The standards allow a combination, but in such a way that the outer part that is in contact with food products is made of non-recycled material, and in the central part it can also be used recycled. In this way, the quality of the product remains at a high level ", they explain from" Omorika-recycling ".

In the end, they point out that large innovative projects cannot be realized without additional funds, which is why the support of the Challenge Fund is extremely important.

"Omorika-reciklaža" has been operating successfully since 2007. Huge amounts of plastic packaging waste and P.E.T. which they recycle are collected from individuals, schools, institutions, utility companies and collectors of packaging waste. They have modern recycling equipment. The company currently employs 51 workers. The products are sold on domestic and foreign markets, namely the markets of Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Croatia and Switzerland.