Bosnian-style safari

The project "The first Bosnian safari - school of picking forest mushrooms" was realized with the intention to improve the tourist offer of BiH by offering domestic and foreign tourists attractive content in untouched nature. The project was supported by the Challenge Fund with BAM 53.520 which is half of its total value.

"The first Bosnian safari was conceived as a kind of path through part of the BiH cultural and historical wealth. At the locations Brus and Podlipnik there is a necropolis with 28 stećak tombstones, 6 slabs, 5 chests and 17 gables of very good workmanship and preservation. The entire length of the route passes through beautiful natural landscapes. The idea arose from the desire to encourage the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially young people, to spend their free time in a quality way, as well as to promote our country to foreign tourists, "said the company "Ednil", which is the creator of this project.

The project also includes organizing a school in nature - picking forest mushrooms, a workshop on traditional cuisine, but also sports activities such as mountain biking and facilities for children. All this should encourage the self-sustainability of the local community through new employments and placement of domestic products.

“By realizing the project, we have achieved the primary goal, which is new innovative tourist products / services. In addition, the project has multiple positive impacts on society, especially on the economic empowerment of women from rural areas as well as the inclusion of the poor, raising awareness of the preservation of natural resources and the environment. Thanks to the project, we have employed two people from the area of the municipality of Ilijaš ", they point out in "Ednil".

They add that the support of the Challenge Fund is welcome for companies that want to improve their business and create new solutions, products and services in the domestic and foreign markets. Financial support opens new opportunities for business expansion and increase the number of employees.

The company "Ednil" was founded in 2000 in Sarajevo. The company's business is divided into two segments. One segment is the tourism industry. At the location of the municipality of Ilijaš, village Vrutci, the company owns land and a facility under construction (hotel) for tourists and the placement of tourist products.

With the realization of the project, they have intensified the promotion and expect a larger number of tourists.