Wind in the back of organic production

How to successfully connect information technology, organic production, and eco-tourism, they know this well in "Imel ltd" from Lukavac. In the IT market, this company, which today has 58 employees, has been present for 24 years. Two years ago they recognized a new opportunity in agro-processing and eco-tourism. In 2016 organic production of goat meat products (milk, cheese, and wheat) and the production of tomato, zucchini, peppers, and portions were initiated according to the organic principle.

The aim of launching agro-production is the development of domestic, healthy and natural products in Milina village, on Ozren mountain, an underdeveloped rural area that is clean and protected and has excellent potential for eco-tourism development that returnees can be included.

Imel d.o.o. bought a plot that has not been used for more than 25 years, which is a basic prerequisite for organic production, a goat's flock that now has 300 cubic feet and a thousand cubic meters of plasticine. A specific furniture for the development of ecotourism was also built. The further development plan foresees the production of two new organic goat cheese for which an investment of 73 491 euros was needed. The company applied for the first public call for funds from the Challenge Fund, and after the envisaged procedure, funding of 20,359 euros was approved and the company will invest 53,132 euros of own funds.

The result of this investment will be two new products - hard goat cheese with green pepper and hard goat cheese in 100% goat's milk in accordance with the principles of organic regimes, according to the LIP / Local Identity Product, in order to strengthen organic sustainable agriculture.

"Our goal is to provide the highest quality of the new two goat cheeses with innovative additives (pepper and wrap in oak basket) in perfect hygienic conditions and continuous monitoring of quality assurance, which will provide the products with added value and the chance to be recognized first on the local market BiH, and then in the foreign market. With the development of two new products, along with existing goat's products, vegetables, and resorts, we've got a larger product offering for organic design, and customers will have a greater choice for consumption and enjoyment," say in the company.

"The uniqueness of our products is reflected in the use of 100% goat milk with a pleasant aromatic taste. Foods to be eaten by goats are also natural, organic, and the recipe characteristic that the Milino village farm has quickly become the top producer of this type of product in BiH. Goat cheese in ash oak and pepper cheese is a novelty on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and cannot be found in shops, markets, markets, " said in Imel.

The company is particularly proud of the fact that the realization of this project will contribute to job creation in rural returnees where there is no economic activity. "These "deficiencies" have been recognized as an extraordinary advantage for the development of agricultural plant and animal production and the development of rural tourism. Since the village of Milino is a rural community in which the returnee population lives, mainly women/widows / who are still working, the realization of the project will have a significant impact on improving the standard of living. Through this project, we have planned to employ two permanent employees as well as two seasonal employees. However, according to further farm development plans and activities, this number will increase," they explain in this company.

The grant from Challenge fund is a significant support for the realization of business plans and this B&H company.

"Any form of financial help, organization, education (in the form of transfer of knowledge), export assistance, technical or otherwise, is very welcome to our company, as well as to other companies in B&H. We believe that this form of assistance by the C2C Fund contributes to socio-economic development in B&H. If there were more donor resources with our own company involvement, we believe that much more planned activities can be realized on our farm. We believe that the return would be multiple, and would look to increase the number of employees, to better social standard, to the better offer, to attract foreign tourists and to get faster export permits," conclude in Imel.