The first phase of the evaluation was completed

In accordance with the precisely defined criteria established for the First Call to Challenge to Change (C2C) Program, all submitted project proposals have been evaluated which completed the first phase of the evaluation of the received applications. All applicants were informed directly via mail about the status of their project idea.

The competition was extremely strong, and the best evaluated project proposals passed to the second evaluation phase to be carried out by the External Evaluation Committee, after which a preliminary list of project proposals proposed for co-financing will be prepared.

The final phase of the evaluation process will include an on-site visit to applicants to verify the credibility of the submitted data from the application form, as well as budget clearing.  After the completion of the list of approved project proposals, the signing of the grant agreement with the grant beneficiaries will be organized.

All those unsuccessful applicants to the First call of Challenge to Change Program, but also others who have intention to apply, we want to encourage to apply for the next C2C call.