Number of applications received for the first CfP of Challenge Fund is 701

The first CfP of Challenge Fund was officially closed on 12 June 2017 at 16 hours, after six weeks. The total number of 701 applications were received before due time and these will go through the first phase of the evaluation, which includes assessment of three main criteria:

- innovativeness of the proposed project ideas (relevance) - max 30 points,

- the feasibility and viability of project ideas -  max 35 points,

- additional social effects - max 35 points.

The maximum score for a single application in this evaluation phase is 100. The minimum number of points that project needs to acquire to pass to the second phase of evaluation is 70.

Announcement of the results of the first phase of the evaluation is expected in the second half of July.

The second phase of evaluation will be carried out by an External Evaluation Committee EEC, which is completely independent from the implementing agencies SERDA and RARS. EEC consists of three members from Sweden and two from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Preliminary list of the proposals recommended for financing will be prepared by EEC.

For the project proposals after the evaluation process are on the preliminary list for funding, will be organized site visit applicants / partners, which aims to establish the credibility of the submitted data and facts in the application form.

If through field visits to determine deviations from the data presented in the application form, these project proposals will be rejected.

After completion of field visits and forming a final list of eligible project proposals, all applicants will be informed about the results of this Call for Proposals.