More efficient wastewater treatment

Future wastewater treatment should be cheaper and more efficient by introduction of innovative technology. The solution was found by the Doboj company "EM plus", and it is supported by the Challenge fund with the grant of KM 56,736.83. The total value of the project which is applied for the granting under the first public invitation, was KM 113,473.66, and the other half of investment was provided by the company itself.

“It is an innovative technology of the new generation of biological wastewater treatment devices. The main activities within the project are focused on the production of 4 models of MMAP devices (microbiological, modular, aerial installation) of various sizes and purposes and testing their technical characteristics and functionality in application. Within the project, we have also purchased equipment for an internal laboratory for monitoring the quality of wastewater by individual parameters in order to achieve greater efficiency in future testing and production of wastewater treatment devices," the company said.

EM Plus has been operating since 2009. and currently it has five employees. They are currently placing their products on the domestic market. The company is negotiating with the potential distributors for placement of products beyond the borders of our country.

"We believe that our products will find a way to new customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad because of their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This technology is much more affordable than the previous solutions offered by imports. Now, the wastewater treatment system will be much easier to establish numerous companies - industrial and communal, catering facilities, shops, schools and other institutions, "EM Plus points out.

The firm believes that this idea would be with much slower implementation for a long time without C2C fund support. After the successful implementation of this project, the conditions for hiring new workers are created, as well as the further development of this technology. The ultimate goal is to efficiently process waste and waste water in order to reduce their detrimental impact on the environment and create better living conditions for the generations to come.