“Glovis”: With funds from C2C Fund to better quality products and new employees

Thanks to grant from C2C fund, company „Glovis“ ltd. Zenica will improve its production, increase the quality of its own products, create two new jobs and offer a new service to other entities and generate additional revenue.

"Glovis" ltd is one of the 701 companies that applied for the first public call for funding from the Challenge to Change project and one of the 28 companies from B&H and Sweden who fulfilled the conditions for the grant. The company was founded in 2011 as a trading company and in 2013 started production of children's playgrounds, urban furniture, bus stops, sports and other similar equipment. Today, company is the leader in BH area in this area. In the manufacture of its products, the firm largely uses wood and therefore, quality and environmentally friendly wood protection are set as an imperative.

That is why they decided to invest in the purchase of an autoclave chamber for deep ecological impregnation of wood, green wood protection. It is a green ecological impregnation which uses a 4.5% copper sulfate and boric acid solution as a liquid, used for the protection of fruits and vegetables, as well as for the production of a particular group of drugs.  These means are harmless to humans and the environment.

"In the plant, we want to procure, the impregnation/chemical protection is done by applying protective agents - inorganic salt solutions to the wood under vacuum pressure. This process, which takes place in autoclaves, increases the strength and resistance of wood to water, moisture, heat, and chemicals. The ecological aspect of production here is very important. For these treated products, a guarantee of 15 to 30 years is given, although their lifetime is much longer, say in “Glovis”.

The total budget of the project is 72,480 euros, the company provided 42,480 euros (58.61%), and the remaining EUR 30,000 were non-refundable funds from the C2C Fund.

With the realization of the project, this company will increase the quality of its own products in line with worldwide manufacturers of similar equipment, and the wood preservation and impregnation service will also be offered to other manufacturers.

The headquarters of the company are in the premises of Biznis Incubator Zenica and currently employ 13 employees. All products are made of quality metals, wood and more than special HDPE masses, as well as wood-based materials (Siberian larch, acacia, meals, frozen etc). They are designed according to BiH and the EU standard BAS EN 1176, which covers 11 parts / different BiH and EU standards for  testing, which determine the general safety requirements for the required areas and equipment for playgrounds.

All activities in the area of product development, design, fabrication, installation and final testing of mounted products/playgrounds are in continuous cooperation with the Laboratory for the Safety of Products LIND in Zenica, which is the only accredited laboratory of this purpose in BiH according to European standards Union.

The company says that without the support of the C2C Fund would not realize this valuable investment. "This is a very significant direct support to companies that we have not had so far. Concretely, this project meant a lot to us because we did not get these funds, surely we would not quickly start with this  investment, and in that case, we would have significant financial losses. The Challenge to Change project "contributes to the enhancement of local and regional ties, and ensures the emergence of new markets, with a higher quality offering required by EU standards", they point out in "Glovis".

The Challenge to Change project was established in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to the resources of the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation - Sida / Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is available to micro, small and medium-sized companies from all over BiH as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from Sweden who have an interest in BiH. It is also available to start-ups who have innovative business ideas, products or services that can lead to an increase in the number of employees, increased competitiveness and sustainable socio-economic development in BiH. Companies that meet established criteria can apply for a grant up to a maximum of EUR 30,000, representing 50% of the total investment.

"Challenge to Change Project - C2C" is being implemented by SERDA Sarajevo Regional Development Agency and Republican Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (RARS). Partner in the project is Region Ostergotland, East Sweden. The project's goal is to contribute to stronger economic development in BiH, as well as to strengthen cooperation between Sweden and BiH.