From additional activity to serious business

Without the support of the Challenge Fund, the production of organic origin germs, the first such registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, could not become a viable business.

It started about three years ago as an additional activity of the Nermin Gvozdjara’s family from Sarajevo.

"This product is very specific and unknown to the wider circle of our potential consumers, so during the first year of business we were mostly questioning the market. Then we worked only on the sprouts. It took us a long time to fully understand the production of germs and to profile our primary and secondary customers. When we saw the potential of our market, we realized that production of germs was not enough for a self-sustainable small business. We had to produce some other related products. Our idea was to produce both antimicrobial and wheat and wheat juice", Nermin says.

The expansion of the assortment required certain financial resources. Support was provided by the Challenge Fund. The total value of the project is 35.000 KM and the value of the grant is 12.300 KM.

"The resulting funds have helped us a lot. We could accomplish everything we planned and quickly start with the full-fledged production", says Nermin.

He adds that this is a demanding production and that it is necessary to provide specific conditions to achieve the quality of the product. Now this company has fully controlled production conditions, from a certain temperature, air humidity, air flow to special lighting. That is necessary for production on longer paths. At present, this company has two permanent employees, and occasionally engages students. The products are sold through large retail trading chains in BiH and exclusive restaurants.